Institution of Mechanical Engineers welcomes a rail engineer as its new president

Carolyn Griffiths has become the 132nd president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Ms Griffiths – who founded the UK’s Rail Accident Investigation Branch – succeeds Jon Hilton as the president.

She is also a non-executive director of Irish Rail and volunteers with the Engineering Council and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

She said: “I am hoping to work alongside other institutions to see if we can together find a framework which will promote further collaboration in areas where we have common professional interests. After all, there are few engineering endeavours that engage only a single discipline of engineering.

“I also think it will be important to work in parallel with members and staff to find new ways of delivering value to engineers, employees, key decision makers and potentially also those that interface with engineering. And I want to examine what we can do to further equality and diversity in our profession.”